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In an effort to meet Flint Knapper's needs we put a Flint Knapping Forum on our web site. Take a look at the new forum and post any comments or questions you may have.


Take a look at the list of events we are attending for 1999. We would love to have you stop at our demonstration booth this year!

Past Events:
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NEW! 1999 Great Trail Festival - Week 2
NEW! 1999 Great Trail Festival - Week 1
1999 Mohican Pow Wow
1999 Wilcat Park Pow Wow
1999 The Old Fort Stuben Festival

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1999 Mohican Pow Wow

Thousands of people enjoyed the Mohican Pow Wow again this year as they watched not only the American Indians but also a dance team of the Aztec Indians from central America as represented by five of its members from Mexico. Our marquee was set up right beside the dance arena and as they would dance the hill side would become covered with hundreds of interested spectators.

As viewed from the hillside, native Americans performing an "Inter Tribal Dance." Our marquee is the second one from the left.

Here's a couple of pieces I made from Indiana Hornstone. Those of you who know me certainly recognize the corner notching . . . what else is there? ;-) The largest piece is about 7" long and was produced during one of the many "free hand percussion" demos I conducted throughout the weekend. Several people showed an extreme amount of interest as I would walk them through the steps of setting up proper platforms and striking the stone at an acceptable angle to remove flakes. Sorry guys, I only left cortex on one end...

. . . a young man being instructed how to properly perform the "Rabbit Dance" according to Aztec tradition. These proud people are very committed in passing "their ways and customs" on to the younger generation.

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